5. Juli 2018
Ireland-inspired Sonnets

Combining theory and practice – that’s what school should all be about and that’s exactly what the 7A students did after returning from their cultural trip around Ireland. Inspired by Ireland’s beauty and the experiences they made there, the students put their theoretical knowledge about literature – sonnets, in particular – into practice and created some wonderful poetry. Great job, everyone!

Miriam Feichter

Dear old Ireland

Dear Ireland, why would you look so sad

I might be gone but soon I will be back

For I will not forget the times we had

And I will miss what I without you lack.

The sound of waves will fill my heart with peace

The cleansing rain will wash away my pain

The rainbow shine will set my mind at ease

I cannot wait to walk these streets again.

The magic’s over, I am home too fast

My rainbow and my leprechauns are gone

Oh Ireland, my friend why can’t you last

I hope that there is more to see and come.

Dear Ireland, why would you look so sad

I might be gone but soon I will be back.

(Isabell, Hannah)


Early morning we started our trip

we saw the glimmering shine of the moon

we took the Ryanair plane and not the ship

we knew we were going to Ireland soon.

Although the sun was shining all day long

it was so cold that we all nearly died

the wind almost blew us so far away

we ate our chicken not just cooked but fried.

We drank much Irish coffee all the time

we saw so many redheads on the streets

we wrote this cause we need an extra line

there were a lot of Irish shops with sweets.

So all in all, we had a lovely time

and I hope you enjoyed our little rhyme.

 (Tom, Michelle, Theresa S., Theresa F.)


So green as a shamrock, blue as the rain

This is the Irish landscape and the sea

We visited this country not by train

We took the plane and landed carefully.

Our youth hostels got smaller and smaller

The happiness did never disappear

In Ireland you cannot pay with dollar

and we were not allowed to try a beer.

Visiting Irish cities like Belfast

was interesting and totally pleasing

The city of Ed Sheeran was the last

the weather was a tiny bit freezing.

There was nowhere a storm that was violent

Thank you for the invitation, Ireland.

 (Sophie H.)


So green as a shamrock, blue as the rain

the long hair full of wind, air full of salt

in Ireland nobody feels the pain

the bad weather at home was not our fault.

Our four hostels got smaller and smaller

but our happiness not disappeared

we are all tall but the cliffs were taller

and everyone in the class loudly cheered.

We needed to cook freshly everyday

it wasn’t always easy to behave

as the meal was ready we shouted hey

because of that our own money was save.

Ireland is perfect altogether,

A memory we’ll forever treasure.

 (Elisa, Jana, Gina)